Woman Killed in Fort Worth Crash with 18 Wheeler Talking On Cell

In a tragic accident in north Fort Worth, a woman was killed when she ran a stop light and was hit by a semi-truck. According to a report by the Star-Telegram, the accident occurred around seven in the evening at the intersection of North Sylvania Avenue and Meacham Boulevard.

Evidently, the woman was on her cell phone as she ran a red light and drove into the intersection where she collided with the semi-truck. I have blogged about distracted driving on many occasions and urge all drivers not to use their cell phones.

The woman suffered major injuries and was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured in the accident.

Cell Phones and Fatal Texas Truck Accidents
It just so happened that this time it was a woman driving a car who was distracted while on the telephone when she caused the accident resulting in her death. However, each year there are hundreds of accidents involving distracted semi-truck drivers where they are the ones at fault.

Truck drivers generally must spend long lonely hours on the road and frequently resort to questionable behavior while driving, such as talking on the phone, engaging in a conversation over the CB radio, watching television, sleeping, eating, smoking, or taking dangerous stimulant drugs.

When a truck driver consciously engages in any of these behaviors, he or she is putting the safety of all those around them at risk. And in so doing, they are greatly increasing the chance that there will be a serious or fatal truck accident.

Who Is at Fault in Texas Truck Accidents?

Determining which party is at fault in a Texas truck accident can be difficult in some cases. While the occasional case is clearly one party’s fault, often an investigation must be conducted to uncover all the relevant evidence. Trucking companies send teams of investigators and attorneys to the scene of collisions immediately, and motorists would be smart to hire an attorney immediately who will do the same.

Without conducting a thorough investigation, it is possible that the truth may never come to light. For example, we have dealt with cases in which semi-truck drivers have fabricated driving logs, indicating that they complied with state and federal regulations regulating the number of hours they can drive without stopping, when they in fact did not. These types of facts can be the key to obtaining a judgment in an accident victim’s favor.

Have You Been Injured in a Texas Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, big-rig, or 18-wheeler, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries or loss. This may be the case even if it initially seems as though the truck driver was not at fault or that fault was shared between multiple parties.

To learn more about the Texas laws that allow for accident victims to recover from those who caused the accident leading to their injuries, contact the Law Offices of William K. Berenson. Attorney Berenson has over 34 years of experience enforcing the rights of Texans who have been injured in truck accidents and he would be happy to speak with you about your potential case. There is no risk to schedule a free consultation. Click here, or call 817-885-8000 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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