Deadly DWI at OSU Claims Lives of At Least Four People

My prayers are with the victims and their families of the homecoming parade crash Saturday morning at Oklahoma State University. 

The celebration just north of DFW turned to tragedy when a woman plowed into the crowd, killing four spectators and injuring more than three dozen others. Some are still in critical condition.

Among those killed was a two-year old child, a life taken too soon by a person police suspect was apparently driving drunk. Appallingly, 11 of the 47 people who were injured were 13 years old and younger.

The others who died include a woman who pushed a 7 year-old child out of the car’s path, a hero who gave her life to protect a child. A 65 year-old retired OSU professor and his 65 year-old wife, a 30 year employee of the university, also were fatally struck. A 23 year-old MBA student visiting from Mumbai was also killed in the horrific OSU drunk driving accident

25 year-old Adacia Chambers was arrested for DWI at the scene. She was also charged with four counts of second-degree murder for each victim of the deadly crash. 

This video shows the horrifying scene:

If Chambers was in fact drunk, her actions are murderous. Her 3,000-pound Hyundai Elantra was a deadly weapon from which innocent victims could not possibly defend themselves or outrun. 

Police said she failed the standard field sobriety test – at 10 in the morning. How is that possible?

Was Driver Mentally Ill?

Chamber’s attorney suggested Chambers suffers from a mental illness and her boyfriend said that she didn’t handle stress well. 

Why would being mentally ill or stress cause her to crash her car? And IF she is mentally ill, why is she allowed to be driving in the first place? How do we know who is really mentally ill? How is the public to be protected? This defense is certainly being thrown around a lot these days.

We Have To Stop Drunk Driving

Berenson Injury Law is the presenting sponsor of the Fort Worth Walk Like MADD, the fundraising and awareness event focused on stopping drunk driving. The walk will be held on Panther Island on Saturday, November 7. 

The OSU tragedy is a solemn reminder of the horrific consequences of drunk driving. My hope is that one day drunk driving will be a thing of the past. Join the Fort Worth Walk like MADD as we work together to make this hope of no more drunk driving a reality.

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