Wrong-Way Bikers Cause Fatal Truck Wreck

Two people died last night when a car crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler stopped on the freeway. The truck had stopped because a gang of motorcyclists were driving the wrong way to check on another biker who had just crashed.

Sheriff’s deputies say several motorcyclists traveling in a large pack had been heading north on the freeway at high speed, when one of them lost control and crashed.

When the other motorcyclists realized what had happened, they turned around and headed south in the northbound lanes.

The driver of the 18-wheeler saw the headlines and stopped in the right lane to avoid crashing into them.

Tragically, the driver of a Buick driving behind the semi could not stop in time, and smashed into the back of the trailer. The driver and a passenger in the rear died at the scene. Paramedics and rescuers using the jaws of life managed to save the front seat passenger. My heart goes out to the families of two who died and to the other people injured in the wreck.

I handle so many cases where one driver was clearly in the wrong for speeding or changing lanes unsafely, but in this case, evere

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