How Do Crashes Like This Happen? At Least Good Recoveries Were Obtained By Injured Victims

Two 14-year-old twins were passengers being driven to school last year when their van was rear-ended by a pick up truck. The van was propelled through the walls of the Los Zarapes restaurant on the North Side of Fort Worth. Thankfully no one was inside eating.

The young women were rushed by ambulance to the hospital where their injuries and lacerations were treated. Each student attended physical therapy for the next month. I’m glad they quickly recovered from their injuries.

Their medical bills were reduced significantly by my law firm and Medicaid. That was of course good for the family, but bad for the verdict potential of the lawsuit in court. That’s because under a confusing law first passed by the Texas Legislature in 2008 and recodified in 2013 after the landmark Texas Supreme Court ruling in Haygood v. De Escabedotheir medical bills that could be used in court were reduced by $30,000.

I’m happy to report the maximum $50,000.00 available under the at-fault driver’s policy was recovered for one student and $30,000.00 for the other. The driver also sustained personal injuries and her injury lawyer recovered the remaining $20,000.00 for her, maxing out the policy.

I then set up a favorable four year payment plan starting with their 18th birthdays so they can attend college. One young lady will have approximately $17,000.00 and her sister will have $9,000.00 invested in an annuity. I am a huge proponent of these structured settlements, especially when young people are hurt.

I attended a hearing yesterday to finalize their settlements. Their mother was thrilled, said that her daughters could now go on to college, and that this would change their lives. That’s always so great to hear.

Client Hit By Car Inside His Apartment

I’ve handled a few other cases like this one. Also last year, a man was standing in his bedroom in his bedroom in Southwest Fort Worth when a woman mistakenly put her foot on the accelerator and crashed through the brick wall of the building. My client was sent flying and sustained lacerations and bruises to various parts of his body. He treated with doctors but fortunately healed up.

My client’s bills were also significantly lessened for court purposes due to Medicare payments and reductions and negotiations by this law firm which cut his medical expenses to approximately $17,500.00.  I was able to obtain the total available insurance both from the driver’s liability policy and the owner’s. I’m pursuing additional benefits available through the man’s underinsured motorists benefits.

Man Inside 7-11 Store in Arlington Hit By Car

I know it’s not a safe world out there, but you’d never think a car would crash into you while you were walking around a convenience store, right? Once again, a driver couldn’t figure out which pedal to use as he came to a stop and took out the front door and windows of the store. My young client recovered a good settlement after we obtained the surveillance camera footage showing the destruction.

I’ve handled other crazy collisions like this over the past 37 years. I always fight to get the largest recovery of money for my clients, then fight to lower their medical bills and reimbursement claims.

We Can Help

I hope this never happens to you, but on the chance that you have been injured in a truck or car wreck, please give us a call at 817-885-8000 or 1-888-801-8585 or online by clicking here. We’ll answer any questions you may have and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.


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