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If you have been injured in a car or truck crash, you may be reading this because you are searching for a good Fort Worth car accident lawyer. You need someone to help you recover your damages as quickly as possible so you can return to your old life.

There are many personal injury attorneys here to choose from. How can you know who will do the best job and get you the compensation you want? Learning about their results and whether their clients were pleased are two of the best ways to decide.

We go above and beyond for our clients

Bill Berenson only handles car, truck, tractor-trailer, motorcycle, and pedestrian crash cases. He has successfully practiced personal injury law in Fort Worth for the last 41 years.

Here are just a few of his client’s stories from the past few months.


This nice man who lives in south Tarrant County was driving last year for his job. Suddenly a large commercial vehicle crashed over the interstate’s barrier. Steve (the names and reviews have been changed to protect the identities of our clients) slammed on his brakes. But he could not avoid hitting the trailer laying on its side. However, the police and eyewitnesses blamed another driver who had cut in front of the 18-wheeler. Steve’s foot was badly injured and he had to have surgery. We jumped into action. We sent our accident reconstruction expert to the scene and conducted our own thorough investigation of the scene and the two vehicles and did other legal work. Last week Mr. Berenson attended mediation with Steve and made the insurance company pay a substantial amount (the amount is confidential at the request of the company’s attorney). Our client will receive approximately $125,000 after medical and legal bills. This case just settled but Steve said he was working on a 5-star review.



Our client was driving home when a vehicle crashed into her car. But hit-and-runs are rampant in North Texas and the other driver took off. Fortunately, another driver chased him down. But the police officer wrote down the wrong VIN number and it took a detailed investigation to learn who the real driver was. We got good news: the vehicle was owned by a company, which meant that it had higher insurance limits. Almost all crashes are caused by individuals who purchase the required coverage in the amount of $30,000 for anyone person they injure or kill. Even if the personal injury lawyer goes to trial and obtains a larger verdict, it is never paid by the at-fault driver over the amount of the insurance policy. Substantial payments to people injured in a car wreck are rare. Susan hurt her neck, back, and knee and had to undergo medical treatment, including several steroid injections, to alleviate her pain. We worked hard and obtained a recovery of $113,000, then cut her medical bills. After her expenses were deducted, Susan received $50,100 two weeks ago.

We have included reviews from on and other sites from our clients.

 “Very professional, helpful to any concerns. Helped me throughout the whole process. I will definitely recommend to family and friends. I wanted to thank Mr. Berenson for doing his best and help me get my treatment to get back on my feet.”     


A young man was walking beside an interstate at 1:00 a.m. when he was hit from behind by a truck. Its driver briefly stopped but fled the scene. Another driver called 911 and Charles was rushed to a Fort Worth hospital. He had lost consciousness and had no idea what had happened. Charles had to have his leg operated on. But when that driver took his truck to a repair shop, they called the police when he claimed he had hit a deer. The driver’s company claimed that its driver was not involved in the collision. But we fought for Charles and successfully obtained the other driver’s entire policy of $100,000. We then substantially reduced his outstanding medical bills and a government lien by an enormous amount so that he netted $50,000 last month.
“Berenson Injury Law is without a doubt worth every penny, they are hands down one of the best law firms in the metroplex. My case being the difficulty it was, was still handled with great importance and speed beyond the ideal comparison. Mr. Berenson and his associates are extremely professional and very responsive about the cases and care of their clients. God forbid I go through anything this horrific again, but if so best believe I will go through this law firm again. Without a doubt I give this place of business an absolute 10 out of 10.”


A woman was driving to a store in east Fort Worth when a man in a pickup truck failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. But he claimed that he was not at fault. Our client had to undergo surgery on her leg. We obtained the total insurance proceeds available of $100,000 last week. She will receive $68,000.
“Very pleased with all the hard work Mr. Berenson put in for my case which was very complicated. He always kept me updated. Not once did I have to call for an update. He got me a very large sum of money and I am very pleased! I would highly recommend him to everyone I know!”

Lucy and Rose

A mother came to Fort Worth to drive with her daughter to drive to a family wedding. They were almost home after driving to and from Houston when a man from Dallas crashed into their SUV. Lucy tore a tendon in her shoulder and had to have arthroscopic surgery and Rose hurt her neck and back. We made two insurance companies pay them the maximum available of $160,000.00. Lucy netted the sum of $44,000 after we saved her $24,500.00 by reducing her Medicare lien and medical balances. Linda received $36,600 after we reduced her bills by over $15,000.00.
“I was in a car accident and i called Berenson law firm and boy did I make the right choice. Someone came out to the hospital to see me. And then when I got home knowing I was homebound he had his assistant bring lunch out to me and my daughter. Got me a nice settlement. Heaven forbid I end up in another accident, but if I did I know who I would be calling, and that’s Berenson law.”


A woman was hit the day after the severe winter storm in February had ended. However, the negligent driver claimed he had hit a patch of ice. We obtained weather reports and scene photographs to prove that there was no ice and he was at fault. We fought to get the total available of $90,000 from three insurance policies and Delores received $60,500.

“How refreshing my experience with Berenson Injury Law has been! Mr. Berenson, and his entire team, exceeded my expectations and delivered outstanding results in a very timely manner. To put it simply… They know what they are doing! I also must acknowledge that using the services of Berenson Injury Law was an excellent value for the services and results achieved by them on my behalf. God Bless You All! You have been a blessing to me!”


A business executive used an airport “limo driver” to take him to DFW when he went on vacation trips and assumed he was covered by liability insurance. One morning, the vehicle in front of them suddenly swerved because there was a giant box on Highway 121. The limo driver swerved and crashed his Suburban. James was hurled into the door and broke a bone in his shoulder which had to have surgery. The shuttle driver’s company denied coverage because he was using his business vehicle on his personal policy. Undeterred, we pressed on and collected the sum of $105,000. James ended up with $70,000 in his bank account.

“I can proudly say that I am more than satisfied with the services I received. I love how the entire team is so compassionate and work hard to get you what you deserve. I’m grateful to have trusted such a team to represent me. 5 stars is not enough credit compared to what this company deserves! I highly recommend!!”

A woman had lived in North Dallas had just left her job when a driver ran the stoplight down the street from our office on University Drive. She fractured a small bone in her middle finger which had to be surgically repaired. We made the other drivers and her insurance companies pay the maximum available of $62,500. Gloria received the sum of $36,200.
“This is the best law firm anyone could hire. They were very professional and kind. I can say without a doubt they have been in business 40 years for a reason.”


An 8-year-old boy jumped on his bicycle and darted across the street without looking when he was hit by an oncoming car. He suffered a small cut to his head and hurt his leg. His mother later took him to the hospital, where he was attended to. He went to a doctor two times after that. We forced the insurance company to pay the driver’s entire insurance policy of $50,000, a particularly good result since after Medicaid payments, the boy’s reduced medical bills were only $1,500.  He now has a college education fund with a balance of $32,270 that will grow over the years.
“I don’t wish anyone to be injured in an accident but if you ever are I would definitely recommend Berenson Injury Law! I know I couldn’t have made it through this process without them. In my opinion they went above and beyond my expectations! So Grateful!”

A man was driving on LBJ Freeway in North Dallas in his company’s pickup truck when he was hit by a truck that had hydroplaned on wet pavement, hit the concrete barrier, and toppled over it into oncoming traffic. Like in the first case, our client did not have time to avoid the truck. He went home but several days later sought medical treatment for his neck, back, and foot. He had to have an injection into his foot. The other driver’s insurance company denied that its driver was negligent and said that it was an unavoidable accident due to the roads being wet. We conducted an investigation and proved that their driver was speeding under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. We fought for our client and collected $92,500. He received $52,440 after his medical and legal expenses were paid.

We can help you

We have a long history of many other recoveries of money just like these. The above are just some of the cases we have resolved in the past three months.
Some of these results were achieved after lawsuits were filed, while others were settled without making our clients wait for several years, spend a great deal of additional money on court-related expenses, and be stressed testifying and waiting during the uncertain litigation process. Depending on the facts of the case, we believe that it is usually in our clients’ best interests to explore a favorable out-of-court settlement first. In other cases, we advise our clients to file suit quickly. Each case is different.
Here’s a good tip for those people trying to decide who to hire: verify that they handle a lot of injury cases and have for many years. Make sure he or she also will fight to get your medical bills or liens substantially reduced, does this since it will make a huge difference in how much money you walk away with. You will see from these stories that our clients receive a large percentage of the total amount paid.

We are blessed to have so many wonderful clients and are honored that they have written hundreds of  5-star reviews.

Want to know more about Berenson Injury Law in Fort Worth? Need our help with your vehicle collision injury case? Please contact us here.

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