10 Uber Safety Tips To Protect Yourself In Fort Worth

10 Uber Safety Tips To Protect Yourself | Uber Accident Attorney | Berenson Injury Law

Taking an Uber is an excellent way to get a reasonably-priced, safe ride to your destination in Fort Worth. In fact, many people choose Ubers as the safer option: when they have been drinking and driving, for example. Unfortunately, not paying attention to Uber safety tips can offer some unexpected dangers that many people may not realize that they need to prepare for. And many Uber drivers are reckless or drive negligently and cause thousands of crashes each year. Before getting into your Uber in Fort Worth, ensure you’re familiar with these essential Uber safety tips.

1. Request–and wait for–your Uber indoors.

Incidents can happen while waiting for your Uber to arrive. Instead of requesting your ride and then heading out to wait for it, or requesting your ride as you head out the door, submit your request and wait for the Uber to arrive indoors, especially at night or in a dangerous area of Fort Worth.

2. Notify someone about when you plan to arrive at your destination.

Make sure someone knows what route you’re taking and when you anticipate arriving. Plan to check in with someone when you reach your destination. If you’re late, keep checking in via text.

3. Ask the driver to confirm your name before you get in the vehicle.

Make sure you’re getting in the right vehicle and that you aren’t being scammed. Ask the driver to confirm your information.

4. Don’t get in the vehicle if anything feels off.

Your gut can be an incredibly valuable tool. If you have a bad feeling about the situation or notice any signs that you may not be getting into a safe vehicle, cancel the ride and wait for someone else to arrive, or find another way to get home. Never get into a vehicle with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when inebriated.

5. Fasten your seatbelt when you get in the car.

Uber drivers can get into accidents just like any other driver. As soon as you get in the car, fasten your seatbelt, just like you would in any other vehicle. Do not overload the Uber or try to cram more passengers than the vehicle can reasonably hold into the space.

6. Pay attention to your route and your driver.

You may be tempted to bury your face in your phone or chat with your friends through the ride. However, make sure that you pay attention to the route and to the driver. If you notice the driver taking an unexpected route, especially one that seems to head away from your intended destination, you may want to exit the vehicle. You should also monitor the driver’s driving habits and behavior. Is the driver distracted? Do you notice the driver speeding, swerving through traffic, or driving aggressively? If the driver takes any actions that could put you in danger, you may want to stop the ride and exit the vehicle. Make sure you leave a review for dangerous drivers so that others do not end up in similar situations.

7. Avoid distracting the driver whenever possible.

Watch the driver’s cues for how much they can reasonably engage with you without distracting them from the road. In many cases, you may notice that the driver grows distracted very quickly, which could pose a higher accident risk. Never do anything that could interfere with the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, including grabbing the steering wheel or trying to put your hands or an object in the driver’s face.

8. Do not share private information with the driver.

If you have to communicate with the driver, make sure those communications take place through the app. Do not give out your phone number or call the driver. You may not want to offer your private address, either. Sometimes, it may prove more practical to get out of the vehicle a couple of blocks from home, especially if you feel uncomfortable with the driver for any reason.

9. Ask for an escort if you feel unwell for any reason.

If you are inebriated, feeling sick, or otherwise not at your best, you may not want to get into an Uber on your own. Instead, talk to your friends and consider whether you can reasonably get an escort back home. You may also want to stay with a friend or get other help if you have any questions about your safety.

10. Sit in the passenger-side rear seat when you ride alone.

This position puts you the furthest from the driver and allows you more time to respond if something happens. You’ll also have a better look at all of your surroundings from that seat.

Riding in an Uber in Fort Worth provides considerable convenience but may also come with its own set of dangers. By being savvy and exercising these Uber safety tips, however, you can keep yourself safer throughout your trip.

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