$200,000 Recovered for Car Crash Victim

If you are researching a Fort Worth car accident lawyer, here is an example of how we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your collision case.

The crash

Our client was driving her car through an intersection when a truck ran the light and caused a pile-up.

Our firm immediately went to the scene with our expert and conducted an investigation. We got recorded statements from several eyewitnesses, spoke with Fort Worth Police Department officers and traffic camera technicians, and secured video footage of the collision.

However the other driver adamantly claimed that our driver was at fault and his liability insurance company denied the claim.

Mr. Berenson strongly argued that the other driver was liable but his insurance company refused to budge, claiming its witnesses supported its policyholder. So Mr. Berenson drafted a lawsuit, emailed it the adjuster and its attorney, and alerted his process server.

The settlement

The next day in a final attempt to avoid litigation, Mr. Berenson called the adjuster and was able to make him pay the truck driver’s entire insurance policy amount of $100,000.

Other people had been injured, one person seriously, and he wanted to make sure his client recovered the maximum available. Going to court reduced the likelihood of that happening with multiple claimants and the usual conflicting accounts. In addition our client had already been out of work for a month and needed money quickly.

We then obtained the entire amount available under our client’s underinsured motorist policy in the amount of $100,000.

Our client received $120,021.00 after we negotiated a huge reduction in her health insurance reimbursement claim. Most people have never heard about this, so here is more information on this topic: How subrogation affects car accident claims

We reduced our fees and did not charge any expenses to put more money into her bank account.

Here we faced a disputed intersection liability case that would have dragged out for a couple of years and gone to trial with an uncertain outcome. We did not want to put our client through this ordeal and are delighted she has avoided what is a grueling and expensive process.

We accomplished these results within an extremely fast 30 days of the day of the crash.

Mr. Berenson met his client and her mother to give her the check. She was thrilled with her settlement amount and our work. She generously wrote this review:

“Mr. Bill Berenson is a lawyer who has extensive experience, who will go above and beyond to fight for you in your time of need. Our experience was wonderful with his firm. Even though my accident changed my life and our family, I walked away knowing I had my attorney’s support for life. Bill Berenson and his staff were very helpful and informative with any questions we had and walked us through the entire process. Even now, he still continually follows up to check on my progress and how our family is doing. I am extremely grateful for his service and I recommend Bill Berenson without reservation.”

If you like to read reviews before you decide to hire a company or make a purchase, her review and several hundred five star reviews can be found here.

And yesterday, our client’s mother wrote Mr. Berenson this sweet note: “Thank you for being such a warrior for K____ and making the outcome positive. We would have been lost without you. Thank you always for your and your team’s valued support.”

We are blessed to have such wonderful clients and their families to work for. It was our sincere pleasure to represent this wonderful woman and we wish her all the best in the world as she recovers from her surgery.

We can help you

Getting as much money as possible for our clients, slashing their medical bills, and funding them as quickly as possible is what we have done at Berenson Injury Law for almost 40 years.

Please contact us if you have unfortunately been injured in a car or truck wreck.

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