Berenson Law FIrm’s 31st Anniversary

I am delighted that 31 years ago today, I started my law firm after working with a big firm for several years. I’ve been here in the River Plaza Tower since.

Time has flown and things have sure changed. It’s hard to believe we used to practiced law without computers,
cell phones, internet, email, faxes, scanners, case management systems, e-filing, instant deposition transcripts, iPads during trials, and the other amazing conveniences we now take for granted.

I’m blessed to have had the privilege of representing hundreds of wonderful people who have been unfortunately injured in collisions. I enjoy fighting for my clients’ rights, arguing with adjusters, battling lawyers, and standing up to mega insurance companies.

And I’ve been blessed with excellent health and a great staff and supportive family. I hope I can continue practicing law here in this wonderful city for many more years to come.

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