45 Million People in the U.S. Refuse to Buckle Up

A recent study has just revealed an average of 38 drivers die a day as a result of not wearing a seat belt. The Transportation Department is kicking off its annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign in hopes of increasing the percentage of people who wear seat belts.

I am pleased that 92.9% of drivers in Texas used their seat belts last year, but think that number should be 100%. Statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that those least likely to buckle up are teens and young adults, males, nighttime riders, motorists traveling on rural roads and motorists riding in pickups.

The “Click it or Ticket” campaign is the result of the government’s efforts to enforce harsher penalties on motorists who don’t buckle up. Statistics clearly show that wearing a seat belt can double your chance of survival in a car wreck. I think the “Click it or Ticket” campaign is a great way to raise awareness of the benefits of wearing a seat belt. I’ve been handling car wreck cases for over thirty years and know from experience that you are far less likely to be injured if you are wearing a seat belt.

More than 10,000 police officers around the nation will be cracking down to enforce the seat belt laws this Memorial Day, so remember to buckle up. It could save your life.

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