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Two women and their three children were driving on Loop 820 when they were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. But the driver’s insurance company initially refused to pay them for their medical treatment and other damages. The women hired us so they could be fairly compensated after their Fort Worth tractor-trailer crash.

We went to work immediately and

  • conducted an investigation of the scene
  • researched the driver and his company
  • put them on notice and demanded that all evidence be preserved

  • worked with the Fort Worth Police Department
  • arranged for the women and their three children to get medical treatment
  • obtained their medical records and billing information
  • worked to get their medical bills reduced and paid
  • filed their Medical Payments coverage
  • kept our clients updated

We occasionally blog about cases we are handling to give injured people looking for a good Fort Worth personal injury lawyer to see his or her results. That is one of the best ways to decide who is the best choice to represent you in your car or truck collision.

Settlement for this Fort Worth tractor-trailer crash case

Before filing a lawsuit, we contacted the 18-wheeler’s driver’s insurance carrier to explore a favorable settlement. It claimed this was an unavoidable and minor impact where the 18-wheeler showed little visible damage. It was stop-and-go traffic during rush hour. Our client’s SUV damage did not look severe.

Further, the company argued that the injuries were relatively minor. In addition, Medicaid’s payments had greatly reduced the amount of medical bills that could be submitted to the jury. Finally, there were relatively little lost wages and no scars or other special damages.

We were able to successfully resolve their cases. The total recovery was $177,000.

Our clients’ net recovery was $120,000.00 — a high 68% of the total. Often, after attorney’s fees, case expenses, and enormous medical bills, there is little money left for the injured victims. We got our clients a lot more money by

  • negotiating huge reductions in medical bills and Medicaid and health insurance claims;
  • making another company waive their right to be reimbursed for Medical Payments; and
  • reducing our fees and expenses

The total amount was far more than we calculated our clients would receive if we tried this case before a jury. Naturally, they did not want to wait several years to get to trial and pay thousands of additional dollars to prosecute their claims if that could be avoided.

Mr. Berenson finalized the settlements in court for two of the children last week. We had just posted about what parents need to do if their children are injured in a car or truck accident.

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Reviews from our clients

The women were extremely happy with their results and graciously wrote these 5-star reviews:

          “Had a wonderful experience with the law office. Mr. Berenson worked very hard to make sure my daughter and I were taken care after a 18 wheeler accident.”

          “Mr. Berenson and his team were very helpful in a time that was extremely stressful. We are happy with the outcome of our suit and would recommend him to our friends!”

Why injured people hire us 

Mr. Berenson has gotten good results for his injured clients for over 40 years. He has fought for many people injured in commercial truck crashes.

Here are other ways to know which car accident lawyer to hire.

If you or someone you know has unfortunately been injured in an 18-wheeler, car, pickup truck, SUV, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian collision (the only law cases that we handle), contact us by calling 888-801-8585 or chat here. We will help get you the compensation that you deserve.

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