Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Rising in Tarrant County

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Some people ride motorcycles for the freedom and excitement they provide. But that unfortunately comes with an increased risk of death or serious injury since they offer no protection after a collision. Tragically, there were another three fatal motorcycle accidents in the past few days in Tarrant County. That made us want to get the word out about motorcycle safety.

In the first crash, a Honda motorcycle and Kia car collided at an intersection in south Tarrant County on Rendon New Hope Road which took the motorcyclist’s life. Then a 30-year-old driver of a Kawasaki lost control on Morris Dido Newark Road and perished.  And a man riding his motorcycle the wrong way on Loop 820 passed away.

We extend our condolences to their families and loved ones. But we hope there are fewer collisions, not more lawsuits. This post provides some ideas on how that can happen and what you should do if you have been injured in a crash.

What is causing all of our fatal motorcycle accidents?

There were 499 fatal motorcycle accidents in Texas last year. That is a substantial number since, by comparison, there were only about 1,900 deadly crashes involving cars.

All drivers must obey traffic laws.  Too many drivers don’t. Motorcycle riders have the same duties and rights to be on the roads as anyone else. So do bicycle riders, by the way.

There are far too many car, truck, and yes, motorcycle riders, who fail to do observe speed limits, stop at red lights and stop signs, and drive safely.

When there are serious injury or fatal motorcycle accidents, the negligence of all drivers is analyzed.

Frequently, the cause of the crash is disputed, especially in red light/green light cases, the most common type of vehicle collision cases. Often it comes down to a “swearing match” between the two drivers. And some jurors hearing the case in court may be prejudiced against motorcycle riders and be ready to rule against them or not award their substantial damages, even when the injuries are severe. The services of a good personal injury lawyer are essential.

Steps to take after a motorcycle crash

If possible, either you (or a family member or friend) should take photos on your cell phone of your bike, the other vehicle(s), other driver, the road, and your injuries.

Try to spot surveillance cameras at businesses, pole cameras, or from any one who has dash cam footage.

Call the police and make sure they write up a crash report. We can get that for you quickly at no charge.

Get the driver’s license and hopefully the insurance policy of the other driver or let the police officer do that. Take pictures.

If there are witnesses, get their contact information so we can get recorded statements from them.

And of course, go by ambulance or go to your family doctor immediately for medical treatment.

Write down every detail later.

These steps will become very important later when you are fighting the other driver’s insurance company or presenting your case to a court so you can be reimbursed for your damages. Those include your medical bills, lost wages and benefits, pain, scarring, and disability.

How we can stop these fatal motorcycle collisions?

By obeying traffic laws. By driving defensively and expecting the unexpected. And by sharing the road. Specifically, all drivers must take these precautions:

— Use turn signals, look twice before changing lanes, and be aware of blind spots;

— Be careful when driving through intersections, especially as the light is changing; and

— Don’t speed, tailgate, or weave through traffic.

Here is more information about equipment, licenses, helmets, passengers, lane splitting, and other topics. Texas Motorcycle Laws: A Rider’s Guide to the Roads

We can help you

Mr. Berenson has handled many motorcycle accidents over the past 41 years. That included three for the same man and we were able to get him good settlements although his life horribly came to an end in his fourth collision late one night. That was a funeral Mr. Berenson hated to go to.

Our firm is currently representing several seriously injured motorcycle riders including men who live in Florida and Austin. We have helped various families after their loved ones died in fatal motorcycle accidents, including one recently where a rider lost his life when he was hit by a woman driving while intoxicated west of Fort Worth.

Bill rode a motorcycle in college and law school (full disclosure: that was back in the 70s). He still rides a road bicycle and runs on the sides of streets so he knows the problems that riders face.

He advocates for rider’s safety and wants to stop the fatal motorcycle accidents in our area. Bill sponsored Fort Worth’s first bicycle safety clinic for children and started a program to give bikes to school children.

If someone that you know has any questions about a motorcycle, car, truck, 18-wheeler, or pedestrian collision, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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