Overweight and Improperly Secured Trucks

Many factors can cause trucking collisions. Overloaded and improperly loaded trucks are common — but hard to prove unless an immediate investigation is conducted by experts. These tractor-trailers violate federal and state law because they require longer braking distances and can cause brake failures, blown tires, and shattered axles. And improperly loaded trucks can cause load shifting which makes them more likely to lock up, jack knife or tip over. Cargo can fall onto the roadway or on top of another vehicle.

When an improperly loaded or overloaded truck is the cause of an accident, a trucking accident attorney will have to prove that this was the cause of the accident and that the shipper, company, driver, or some other entity is liable.

At the Law Offices of William K. Berenson, P.C. we have represented the victims of truck collisions for many years. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a truck accident, we will conduct an immediate and detailed investigation to learn whether the trucking company and its driver caused the wreck.

Under federal law, the maximum weight is 80,000 pounds for a fully loaded tractor-trailer. A study showed that a tractor-trailer that is only loaded to 50,000 pounds is only one-half as likely to be involved in a fatal trucking accident.

Texas Republican representatives Allen Fletcher and Robert Nichols have proposed law that would increase the penalties for the many commerical carriers who are violating the law by exceeding weight limits.Trucking companies obviously overload their trucks to save money. They have to make fewer trips. They save money on driver’s pay and gas. But the drivers don’t know how to safely drive these dangerous tractor-trailers and innocent drivers next to them have to pay for it.

The new fines increase by $1.00 per pound overweight. Now, a truck that is overloaded by 10,000 pounds only pays $110.00, obviously not a deterrant. The new fine would cost the carrier $10,000.00. I certainly hope this bill passes.

We have been successfully representing people who have been injured by 18 wheelers and other large commercial trucks for many years and would be happy to discuss your case with you at no charge. Please contact us online or call toll free at 1-888-801-8585 or at 817-885-8000. We’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.

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