Woman in Wheelchair Run Over Gets Full Amount

I was just hired to represent a handicapped woman who was hit by an RV last month while waiting on the sidewalk ramp in her wheel chair. My client was hurled on to the pavement and suffered a concussion, two fractured ribs, disc protrusions in her lumbar spine, a fractured hip, a punctured lung, and lacerations. Then the driver of the RV had the audacity to keep going.

Fortunately,a witness was able to chase the driver down six blocks down Rosedale and make him return to the scene. Thank you.

Here is a mock up we created to show the adjuster how the collision occurred using photos of the actual wheelchair and RV.

The driver’s insurance company initially claimed that its driver said the woman saw him turning and chose to run her wheel chair into the side of the RV. That’s ridiculous. It’s a shame that insurance companies make it so difficult for an injured person to be compensated.

After representing this woman during her recorded statement yesterday and obtaining the 911 tape from an eyewitness, the adjuster agreed to pay my client the entire insurance amount available.

I was pleased that this woman called us back after we gave her a ride home and she said:

Mr. Berenson is an excellent attorney. He was so aggressive with the insurance company. And he has a very nice and helpful staff that was willing to go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. Tell him thank you.

If you need an experienced attorney , give me a call and we can discuss your legal options.

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