$202,500 For Woman With Injured Wrist

Berenson Injury Law has successfully obtained all of the available insurance proceeds for a woman who hurt her hand in a Fort Worth car accident.

We discuss our results here occasionally to give people who may be searching for a personal injury attorney to know the results we are capable of achieving.

Paula’s story

Paula and her husband Jim (their names have been changed to protect their privacy) were driving home from church last summer. A woman failed to yield the right of way to them at an intersection. However, she claimed that Paula was at fault. Further, she said she was suffering from a heart ailment, as if that gave her the right to run the light.

The damage to the two cars was relatively minor. Here is a photo of Paula’s vehicle.

But she had to be rushed to an emergency room due to the pain in her hand. Unfortunately, the airbag had hit it at a speed of about 200 mph. We have seen many injuries caused by them.

When the other driver’s insurance company delayed Paula’s claim, she knew that she needed to hire a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer.

After a car or truck collision, the sooner that the injured person at least speaks to a board-certified personal injury lawyer to obtain advice (the first call is free), the better.

What we did to help our client

We immediately obtained the police report, secured a witness statement (who knew them from church), got photographs, and obtained other evidence to win the liability case. This is essential since you want to be ready if and when the case is heard in court by a judge and jury.

Yesterday, for example, we scoured two the scenes for evidence. In the first case, our clients’ son perished on a motorcycle in Fort Worth when a truck driver failed to yield to him. In the second, another man who walking on the side of a highway in Weatherford was hit by a young pickup truck driver who left him for dead (that driver claimed he had hit a deer, but the body shop saw human hair and blood and called the police who arrested him). Both of these tragedies happened in the last few days. Timing is critical, as key evidence often disappears.

We also worked with Paula’s doctors to make sure she got the medical treatment and reports she needed. She unfortunately needed several surgeries to repair her wrist.

We secured all of her records and bills and prepared for trial. We worked hard to make the two insurance companies pay the $100,000 maximum available on the other driver’s policy plus the $102,500.00 available under our client’s underinsured motorists and personal injury protection benefits.

However, Paula’s health insurance company demanded repayment since it was a self-funded ERISA plan. This is always a difficult fight — and an excellent reason to hire an injury attorney since the money they can save you often easily pays their fee. But even though it was legally entitled to be paid in full and refused to reduce its balance, we forced it to reduce its subrogation lien by over $16,000.00.

Paula received $87,000.00 after repaying the health insurance lien and legal fees. That is close to one-half of the total amount –an excellent result. And if she had not hired an injury lawyer, she probably would have received no money at all.

Fortunately, Jim was not injured but we obtained him a small settlement for him as well.

Our clients’ review

They were both thrilled with our work.

Paula kindly wrote this review today when she came to our office to pick up her second settlement check:

“Mr. Berenson and the whole team were awesome! Mr. Berenson would call regularly to update us on progress and fill us in on any roadblocks. We had 3 different insurance companies involved and we would never have been able to navigate thru them without his help. We are very happy with the settlements he and his team reached and we highly recommend them if you find yourself in need of an injury attorney!”

Jim said that Mr. Berenson “was better than Perry Mason!” For those of you who are too young to remember, this phenomenal lawyer always won his cases — usually in a dramatic scene when he forced the person testifying to admit that they were lying.  He is one of the reasons that Mr. Berenson and plenty of other lawyers who grew up in the 60’s became attorneys.

We can help you

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He has practiced personal injury law in Fort Worth for over 40 years and knows how to get his clients the compensation they deserve.

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